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B-Tone VI

B-Tone VI


This Bass VI clone is built using a JZ-6 kit with lots of upgrades, including locking tuners, oversized pole pickups, added humbucker, Piezo Tune-o-matic bridge, bass preamp, and bone nut.  Controls are 4 on/off slide switches for the magnetic pickups, north/series/south coil selector for the humbucker, active/passive bypass switch for preamp, blend knob for blending mag/piezo pickups, master volume, bass/middle/trebel tone controls. Optional: add a hard case to protect it during shipping.  I don't have a markup on the case, I only offer it as on option for additional shipping protection, I don't make any money on it.  Choosing the hard case will add additional handling time for the hard case to be ordered prior to shipping.

You can watch me build it here:

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