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Behemoth Bass Prototype (Sissoo #2)

Behemoth Bass Prototype (Sissoo #2)


Please read the description carefully.

I'm offering these pre-orders with two options:


1) as a "DIY kit" which means you will receive only a neck and body (body made from the piece of wood on this listing).  The body will be cut, shaped, and routed for the pickup layout of your choice.  Neck will be hand fitted to the body pocket.  Both neck and body will NOT be finished or sanded, and the neck will not have any fretwork done, the neck will be quality controlled to make sure you don't get a bad neck.  I have a separate listing for the plywood pickguard if you would like to add that to your order.


2) as a complete custom order build. The bass will be built from the piece of wood pictured on this listing.  You get to choose your pickups and layout, stain/dye colors, etc.  Please contact me after purchase to make these requests, or you can give me creative liberty to build it "the Dan Thompson way" which means I'll just build it as though I'm building it for myself.  This is a fun option because it gives me full creative liberty, and often times includes free upgrades (not guaranteed, just if I find something cool or new I want to try).  Please understand that the purchase price here is a NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT to cover the cost of materials to start the project.  The remaining balance will depend on the options you choose as upgrades, shipping and optional hard case, and will be due when the instrument is finished prior to shipping it to you.


Terms and Conditions: 

DIY kit option lead time is about 2 months.  Complete custom order build lead time is 3-6 months.  Deposit will only be refunded if I do not complete your build within 12 months.  When the build is finished, a final invoice will be sent to cover the cost of my labor, optional upgrades, optional hard case, and shipping charges.  You will have 30 days to pay the final invoice, the bass will ship upon receiving the final payment.  If you fail to pay the balance within 30 days, the bass will go up for public sale and once it sells you will forfeit your deposit (unless a different arrangement is made prior to the completion of your instrument).

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