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Dan-O-Sound pre-wired harness

Dan-O-Sound pre-wired harness


This is a complete pre-wired harness to wire up your guitar or bass with the "Dan-O-Sound" features.  All you need to do is connect your pickups and bridge ground wire to the clearly labeled connections and you're ready to rock!  Your choice of 2x mini toggle switches or push/pull volume pots for activating the Dan-O-Sound features.  This kit uses 500k tall shaft audio taper potentiometers for flexible installations options.

List of features:

pots: neck pickup volume, bridge pickup volume, master tone

switches: parallel/series operation for neck+bridge pickups (mid-boost), stereo split separating neck and bridge pickup outputs for recording or biamping (*requires 1/4" TRS to split 1/4" cable, not included), activate both swithes to get "series+blower" operation (mid+high boost).

Completely passive, no batteries required!

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