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Multi-function bass bridge (Chrome)

Multi-function bass bridge (Chrome)


Hands down the best budget friendly upgrade you can make to your bass.  This multi-fuction bass bridge is not only adjustable for string height and intonation, but also allows options for top loading (for speed), or string through body (for increased sustain), as well as adjustable string spacing (3mm side to side per string). The adjustable string spacing is great for dialing in your most comfortable playing setup, as well as correcting neck or pickup alignment issues your instrument may have had from the factory.  This is the easiest way to seriously level up your bass and playing!  These bridges might be a little cheaper on Amazon, but I quality control each bridge to ensure you get one with a great fit and finish (as good as it gets from a chinese factory anyway), instead of rolling the dice on what you get from Amazon. If you want to save some money you can purchase a known "blemished" bridge for a little cheaper in my other listing.

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